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Explorer Extensions 4.2

It allows you to perform additional tasks using a familiar interface
4.2 (See all)

Explorer Extensions allows you to perform additional tasks using a familiar interface - the Window Explorer. The program is available separate 32-bit & 64-bit versions with Window Vista compatibility. Explorer Extensions is a collection of enhancements for the Explorer right-click context menu.

Main features:

- Split - Divide a large file into smaller ones for storage on floppy disks. Split can be based on the size you specify or the presence of a string to locate in the file itself. You can also specify which 'Disk' to start with. Split can write to floppies or a subdirectory on your hard disk. Split also creates a .bat routine that can 'concatenate' the files later on a machine that does not have Explorer Extensions installed.
- Concatenate - The reverse of Split, Concatenate rejoins file sections to reconstruct the original file. Concatenate has a function to decode the resulting file -- useful for multipart usenet messages where the attachments are separated across multiple messages. Concatenate also has a functions to add alternating lines from the input files to the target and (optionally) remove duplicate adjacent lines. Note that Concatenate can be used to join any two (or more) files together.
- Encode - Translates binary files into a format suitable for Internet Email attachments. Encode supports UUENCODE, Base64(Mime), BinHex(Mac), Quoted-Printable, & XXENCODE formats.
- Decode - The reverse function to Encode, Decode is used to convert e-mail attachments back to their original form. The Decode function automatically detects UUENCODE, Base64(Mime), BinHex(Mac), XXENCODE, Quoted-Printable, 7 bit unencoded, & plain text.
- Touch - Touch is used to change the time, date, and attributes of files directly from Explorer. Touch can also add (or subtract) a specified time value from the current date of one or more files.
- File Management Tools - Yes you can do file operations with Windows Explorer. But Explorer Extensions has file functions that can rename, copy, move, delete using complex file masks. File mask 'wild cards' can also be used to numbering file names sequentially and change the case of file names.
- ZIP File Comments Display - The newest function, Explorer Extensions adds a 'Property Sheet' to the Windows Explorer context menu to let you view and edit zip file comments.

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